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All rugged watches are designed to handle extreme shocks and vibrations.

  • Posted By : Jardiel

As with almost any style, there’s a spectrum of rugged watches and their corresponding toughness. However, there are still many features in common across most of them, which we’ll share below.

All rugged watches are designed to handle extreme shocks and vibrations. There are many YouTube videos showing this in action, such as with massive hammers unsuccessfully attempting to smash them. While these are entertaining to watch, they effectively prove just how strong these watches are.

It’s essential to have a scratchproof screen for your rugged watch, so you don’t have to worry about surface damage even when you’re involved in rough physical work. Often a sapphire crystal outer covering is used because of its extreme toughness and resistance to scratches. The next best is mineral glass which is mostly resistant to scratches, but not immune to them.

Many rugged watches are also resistant to chemicals like bug sprays, or even sweat. This makes them ideal to survive even the harshest environments. There’s little to no risk of them being damaged in toxic areas, or even if dropped in chemicals, which is great for those working in industrial or potentially potent locations.

Additionally, being waterproof is a must-have feature of rugged watches, particularly given that even the more standard styles are nowadays being made water resistant as well. Some can easily survive being submerged hundreds of metres below the water’s surface, which is important for scuba diving and deep-sea expeditions.

Some bonus features of rugged watches include having a luminous dial and hands, which makes it useful for keeping an eye on the time even when in darkness. Top models also feature a variety of tactical functions such as GPS tracking, altimeters, barometers and plenty more. These are particularly useful for outdoor adventures, whether it be on land, or in the sea or sky.

Basically, if you want a watch that will likely last the rest of your life, consider getting a rugged, tactical watch - they’re sure to impress!